“My childhood sparked the desire and passion to be innovative. As nothing caught my interest when I was young, I started researching on technologies to make my life interesting. I would hack and break electronic gadgets like cell phones, iPods and would redesign them in an innovative way. While others would be playing with their cell phones, I would be dismantling them to discover the scientific principles and mechanisms behind their functioning. I usually didn’t get any technical support or help to complete my projects, but still I always dreamt of giving modern technologies, of my choice, a different look. It all began when I was in 5th standard (an age where nothing more than academics excites a child), my father used to gift me remote control cars. While other kids used to play with that stuff, I used to discover how it works without any wire connections. Initially, I was afraid to do so as I believed it to be haunting after I once brutally murdered it. It’s a simple fact that a motor works only via battery along with wire connections, but when I saw that car-running wireless, I was awestruck as well as motivated to explore further. I think that was the dawn of my love for science and technology. After that, I started opening big things like TV, Laptops, Computers etc., but was never able to mend them back. I was no miracle to my family instead I was a little nuisance for them. This reminds me of a funny incident. One fine day when my parents were out for a stroll, I tried my hands on our television set. Amused by its internal components, I kept questing deeper. Once I came out of my quest, I realized what I had done and was terrified to my bones. I tried fixing it and succeeded too, but when my mother switched on the power….. It boomed! I was quite crazy in my childhood. In this way, I learnt technology from practical experiments of theories”.