Sushant has spoken at more than 60 organizations like TED- India, The INK Talks- Lavasa, Fab-11 MIT Boston, Fab-10 Barcelona, ICAI, Abu Dhabi Chapter, NASA- USA and many more. He is a frequent guest speaker in many events of corporate, NGOs, IITs, IIMs & renowned engineering colleges too. He is a complete package of motivation, inspiration and knowledge.

When asked about his journey as an inspirational speaker, Sushant says,” I was a KVPY fellow in 2010, and that year KVPY fellowship program was held in IISc Bengaluru. I was part of the prestigious program, where international scientists and noble laureates were guest speakers. Looking at them, I was wondering ‘How awesome it is to be a speaker and interact live with thousands of audiences?’ It was a 5 days program and on the very 2nd day, I received a speaking invitation as a guest speaker from The INK Talks, which is one of the top international conferences where speakers share their success stories to the world. It was my first speaking invitation and that too, an international one. I was on cloud nine that day; extremely happy and overwhelmed. It was like a dream come true for me, as it seemed like my wish has turned into reality within seconds. I never dreamt to be a speaker, but destiny had planned this for me. At INK Talks, as my session got over, I received standing ovation from the audience with loud applauds. From that day, I decided to make speaking as one of my career. Till now, I have inspired 10k+ youth worldwide. Another such golden opportunity came to my career in 2012, when I was invited as a guest speaker by TED community. I was one of the youngest inspiring TED speakers that year. Now, I am a frequent guest speaker in many events. Till now, I have spoken at 60+ organizations, including 50+cities of India and 10+ cities abroad. I make my speaking sessions more interactive, thrilling & exciting by demonstrating my inventions live on stage. I am an inventor by passion, entrepreneur by profession and speaker by accident.”