Sushant Pattnaik is the Co-Founder & CEO at InThinks- the next generation technology company, empowering future with an aim of empowering 50 million users globally in the next 5 years through its innovative products and solutions. He is also the Co-Founder & CTO at, to provide innovative tech consulting services to third party organizations. He recently launched his new venture in 2020, Gadgets Store, where you can find Next-Gen imported & utility gadgets across the globe under one roof at the nearest gadgets store. He is associated with the Global Fab Lab Community and has successfully set up InThinks Fab Lab at Bhopal & Bhubaneswar. He represents his organization at Fab Conferences worldwide. He is also the mentor at Mentor of Change for Tinkering Lab, Niti Ayog, Govt of India.

He explains his journey as an entrepreneur as – “In 2012, I felt only doing innovations is not enough. It’s unworthy, until &unless it reaches to the target customers. So, I started thinking like an entrepreneur. Firstly, I set up my vision and then I started to form a team. In the journey, I met my Co-Founder, who is well experienced in management & logistics operations background and I felt he is the right person for this start-up. Before we formally began a start-up, we mutually decided to develop trust. So, on a trial basis we started running a start-up in Bhopal. Our start-up was all about, to make our innovations reach the target customers by creating a socio-revolutionary impact. As gradually, trust developed, we officially incorporated our start-up under the brand name ‘InThinks’. In 2 years, we realized, my 7 years of experience in the field of research, technology & innovations and his 8 years of experience in the field of Management & Operations in Online Education Space,  will take our start-up to next level. We also realized both of our talents are equally important & required to run this start-up successfully. Subsequently, we managed funds from the earnings of our previous ventures. Now, we are completely involved in making this startup a huge success. We finalized our vision as – “to reach ’50 million’ users globally in the next 5 years through our innovative products by creating a socio-revolutionary impact.” Now, we have a well experienced talented team from highly educational backgrounds like MIT (USA), IIT, IIM, NIT, NID etc. Our current revenue model is through providing consultancies & tech solutions to the 3rd party organizations. Presently, we have 3 in-house products Sol-Ka, She Watch & Miraculous, which we are launching soon in the market. These products are in pilot testing phase now.” His Current Start-Ups are InThinks and Capattery.