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Sushant Pattnaik

Innovator, Entrepreneur & Inspirational Speaker

Sushant Pattnaik

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About me


Sushant Pattnaik

Innovator, Entrepreneur & Inspirational Speaker

The most ordinary and common people usually perform something very extraordinary and uncommon. Sushant Pattnaik is one such young lad who hails from Bhubaneswar, Odisha. He is a serial inventor, serial entrepreneur, motivational speaker and has been awarded the President’s award six times. While still in his teens, Sushant became one of the youngest speakers to have spoken at TED– India. Today, he is no more the wonder-kid of the block, but rather a social tech entrepreneur that the world is both inspired by and in awe of. Sushant is also helping the unsupported inventors by taking their creations to the next level.



President of India Awardee


6 Times from 3 different Presidents of India

6 times President of India Awardee, 3 times at IIM  Ahmedabad, 1 time at NCSC Shillong and 2 times at Rashtrapati Bhawan, New Delhi.



MIT Technology Review Under 35

Featured in MIT Tech Review international magazine as top 10 innovators of the world, under age 35 category.

NASA Awardee



Awarded as prominent innovator by NASA at Huntsville, Alabama, USA. Only 2 innovators from India represented India there, in that year.

Golden Book Record Holder


Highest Social Innovations & Awards

Golden Book of World Record Holder in the category of social innovations that made a huge impact in the society.

TED-India Speaker


Youngest Indian Speaker

One of the prominent speakers at TED-India was organized at Christ University, Bengaluru.

Spoken at 200+ Organizations



He inspires the young budding talent through his amazing life story, around the world wherever he is invited as guest speaker.


My Journey



    “My childhood sparked the desire and passion to be innovative. As nothing caught my interest when I was young, I started researching on technologies to make my life interesting. I would hack and break electronic gadgets like cell phones, iPods and would redesign them in an innovative way. While others would be playing with their cell phones, I would be dismantling them to discover the scientific principles and mechanisms behind their functioning. I usually didn’t get any technical support or help to complete my projects, but still I always dreamt of giving modern technologies, of my choice, a different look. It all began when I was in 5th standard (an age where nothing more than academics excites a child), my father used to gift me remote control cars. While other kids used to play with that stuff, I used to discover how it works without any wire connections. Initially, I was afraid to do so as I believed it to be haunting after I once brutally murdered it. It’s a simple fact that a motor works only via battery along with wire connections, but when I saw that car-running wireless, I was awestruck as well as motivated to explore further. I think that was the dawn of my love for science and technology. After that, I started opening big things like TV, Laptops, Computers etc., but was never able to mend them back. I was no miracle to my family instead I was a little nuisance for them. This reminds me of a funny incident. One fine day when my parents were out for a stroll, I tried my hands on our television set. Amused by its internal components, I kept questing deeper. Once I came out of my quest, I realized what I had done and was terrified to my bones. I tried fixing it and succeeded too, but when my mother switched on the power….. It boomed! I was quite crazy in my childhood. In this way, I learnt technology from practical experiments of theories”.


      Sushant Pattnaik is the Co-Founder & CEO at InThinks- the next generation technology company, empowering future with an aim of empowering 50 million users globally in the next 5 years through its innovative products and solutions. He is also the Co-Founder & CTO at InGenious.in, to provide innovative tech consulting services to third party organizations. He recently launched his new venture in 2020, Gadgets Store, where you can find Next-Gen imported & utility gadgets across the globe under one roof at the nearest gadgets store. He is associated with the Global Fab Lab Community and has successfully set up InThinks Fab Lab at Bhopal & Bhubaneswar. He represents his organization at Fab Conferences worldwide. He is also the mentor at Mentor of Change for Tinkering Lab, Niti Ayog, Govt of India. He explains his journey as an entrepreneur as - “In 2012, I felt only doing innovations is not enough. It’s unworthy, until &unless it reaches to the target customers. So, I started thinking like an entrepreneur. Firstly, I set up my vision and then I started to form a team. In the journey, I met my Co-Founder, who is well experienced in management & logistics operations background and I felt he is the right person for this start-up. Before we formally began a start-up, we mutually decided to develop trust. So, on a trial basis we started running a start-up in Bhopal. Our start-up was all about, to make our innovations reach the target customers by creating a socio-revolutionary impact. As gradually, trust developed, we officially incorporated our start-up under the brand name ‘InThinks’. In 2 years, we realized, my 7 years of experience in the field of research, technology & innovations and his 8 years of experience in the field of Management & Operations in Online Education Space,  will take our start-up to next level. We also realized both of our talents are equally important & required to run this start-up successfully. Subsequently, we managed funds from the earnings of our previous ventures. Now, we are completely involved in making this startup a huge success. We finalized our vision as – “to reach ’50 million’ users globally in the next 5 years through our innovative products by creating a socio-revolutionary impact.” Now, we have a well experienced talented team from highly educational backgrounds like MIT (USA), IIT, IIM, NIT, NID etc. Our current revenue model is through providing consultancies & tech solutions to the 3rd party organizations. Presently, we have 3 in-house products Sol-Ka, She Watch & Miraculous, which we are launching soon in the market. These products are in pilot testing phase now.” His Current Start-Ups are InThinks and Capattery.


        Sushant has spoken at more than 60 organizations like TED- India, The INK Talks- Lavasa, Fab-11 MIT Boston, Fab-10 Barcelona, ICAI, Abu Dhabi Chapter, NASA- USA and many more. He is a frequent guest speaker in many events of corporate, NGOs, IITs, IIMs & renowned engineering colleges too. He is a complete package of motivation, inspiration and knowledge. When asked about his journey as an inspirational speaker, Sushant says,” I was a KVPY fellow in 2010, and that year KVPY fellowship program was held in IISc Bengaluru. I was part of the prestigious program, where international scientists and noble laureates were guest speakers. Looking at them, I was wondering ‘How awesome it is to be a speaker and interact live with thousands of audiences?’ It was a 5 days program and on the very 2nd day, I received a speaking invitation as a guest speaker from The INK Talks, which is one of the top international conferences where speakers share their success stories to the world. It was my first speaking invitation and that too, an international one. I was on cloud nine that day; extremely happy and overwhelmed. It was like a dream come true for me, as it seemed like my wish has turned into reality within seconds. I never dreamt to be a speaker, but destiny had planned this for me. At INK Talks, as my session got over, I received standing ovation from the audience with loud applauds. From that day, I decided to make speaking as one of my career. Till now, I have inspired 10k+ youth worldwide. Another such golden opportunity came to my career in 2012, when I was invited as a guest speaker by TED community. I was one of the youngest inspiring TED speakers that year. Now, I am a frequent guest speaker in many events. Till now, I have spoken at 60+ organizations, including 50+cities of India and 10+ cities abroad. I make my speaking sessions more interactive, thrilling & exciting by demonstrating my inventions live on stage. I am an inventor by passion, entrepreneur by profession and speaker by accident.”

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